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Secure WiFi & Data Connection In Your Phone With Password - Android

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Secure WiFi & Data Connection In Your Phone With Password - Android

We all are Internet addicted. Today we can not simply assume our lives without internet but when it comes to sharing , we never wish to share our internet pack with anyone. Either you are using internet on your computer or on your phone you don't want to share it with someone else but sometimes when you leave your phone alone there might be someone who take it and start using internet and you can not ask them to stop because it doesn't look nice. But there is a better way for preventing WiFi and Data Connection usage on your phone from unwanted users i.e. to secure it with password.

Internet usage on your mobile phone causes data charges and you pay for it so obviously you don't want that you pay and someone else use it. To get rid of this problem there is a great app available in Android Play StoreInternet(Data/Wifi) Lock. This app will allow you to set a unique PIN on your phone's WiFi as well as Data ConnectionConnectivity. Each time when your phone will connect to the internet it will ask the PIN for authentication so that no unauthorized user can use your internet.

How to Enable Password Security 

Using Internet (Data/Wifi) Lock app is simple and very user-friendly. This app doesn't  confuse it's users by providing number of options unnecessarily.In fact , it gives users an effectively good interface for setting up PIN security. Internet Lock function is supported on all Android devices running on Android 1.6 and above.

Step 1

First of all , download and install Internet(Data/Wifi) Lock app from Google Play Store into your phone.The link is given below :

Step 2

After the successful installation , run the app and you will see a setup screen. On this screen you will need to select what types of connection you want to secure using Internet (Data/Wifi) Lock.
On this screen you may choose either you want to secure Wifi Only / Data Only or Wifi + Data both. After setting up this basic setting , you may enter the secret PIN for securing your type of internet connection that you have just chosen. Click on OK button to move to next window.

Step 3

After setting up the basics you will be moved to next window where you can quickly Enable or Disable the security. Here you will also be able to remove or update the PIN and type of connection you want to secure.

Step 4

Now you are all done with settings. Each time when someone will try to connect to any Wifi network using your phone , it will ask for the PIN code for authentication process.

So only those will be able to connect to internet who knows the PIN code and it will avoid 
unwanted data charges occurring due to use of internet by annoying people.
Internet(Data/Wifi) Lock is available in two versions on PlayStore , one is Lite version and other is Paid. The paid version has more features which also includes Ads Free interface.


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