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Mobile Balance Transfer for all Operators

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Mobile Balance Transfer is one of the very unique service provided by mobile operators. Using this methodyour friend or you can transfer mobile balance to other mobile within few seconds.

In today’s post I will share a awesome trick which will help you transfer balance from one mobile to other. But before every thing , this service is not available for all mobile operators. Some operators which provide this service are – BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance, Uninor. If you are already using this service provider well and good, if not, to enjoy this you may have to port to these networks.

Transfer Balance From One Mobile To Other Mobile

We will see the steps one by one for every operator .

1) Balance Transfer for BSNL 

If you are using BSNL , then balance transfer is most simple for you .All you have to need is send a message. Follow these following steps –
 BSNL also utilises SMS to provide balance transfer service. To use this service, you need to type SMS in this format: Gift < SPACE > < Receiver’s Number > < SPACE >< Amount > and send it to either 53733 or 53738. For example, Gift 9876543210 50. 9876543210 is receiver’s number and 50 istransfer amount.e done with it.
  • Limitations -You can transfer amount from Rs.5 to Rs.50 only. The receiver should be active from atleast for 30 days and sender should be active for atleast 3 months .

2) Balance Transfer for Airtel

To transfer balance for your Airtel operator, follow the steps –
 Just Dial USSD code *141#
A window will appear where you can see many option.
Select first option i.e Share Talk Time .
Just type mobile number ( receiver’s no ). 
  • Limitations - You can transfer Rs. 5 to Rs. 30  only. And after you have done with the transfer , you should have at least Rs. 10 balance . You can do this 5 times a day. 

3) Balance Transfer for Airtel Idea 

Idea also provide this service in very simple steps –
 Type - *567*< Receiver’s Mobile Number >*< Amount>#.
  • Limitations – You can transfer Rs.5 to Rs.100 only. You will be charge Rs.2 per transaction. Adding to this you can send balance only once in a day to a particular number.

4) Balance Transfer for Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo has the simplest way to do this type of mobile balance transfer . You have to just send a simple message for doing this.
 The format for message is -  BT<SPACE>Mobile Number<SPACE>Amount 
and send it to 54321 .Example – BT 8149461048 50. Here, Rs. 50 balance will be transferred tomobile number 8149461048.
  • Limitations – You will be charged Rs.2 for every balance transfer. The sender should be customer of Tata Docomo from atleast 90 days and receiver from 30 days.

5) Balance Transfer for Vodafone

Simplicity is always been the strength of Vodafone. Also transferring the balance is very simple . Follow the steps given below –
 Dial  *131*< Amount >*< Receiver’s Mobile Number >#  ,here the amount is the balance or money to be transferred to the receiver .You don’t need to give space in between.
  • Limitations –You can transfer Rs. 3 to Rs.30 only . Balance can be transfer only once in a day to the same number. Processing fee may differ according to the amount you are transferring. It cost Re.1 for transferring Rs.5 .

6) Balance Transfer for Aircel

Transferring balance for Aircel mobile users is quite similar to Airtel. Following is the process;
 Type *122*666# and call .Soon a window will appear , this will show various amounts to be transferred. Amount may range for Rs.5 to Rs.100 .Then Select the amount and then enter the receiver’s  number , press OK.
  • Limitations - You can transfer amount to a single number once a day. Rs .2 will be charged for everytransfer . Funny thing is , Aircel does not guarantee for transfer and not responsible for money loss .

7) Balance Transfer for Reliance 

 The tag line of Reliance “ Karlo Duniya Mutthi ” Mai is best suited here as you can really do every transaction for absolutely free and without any mentioned conditions .
The process is also very simple –

 Dial *367*3#
Enter *312*3# and mobile number
Enter balance amount
Enter PIN. Default PIN is 1.
You’re done.

8) Balance transfer for Uninor 

Uninor customers just have to dial a simple code . The format is as follows –
 *202*< Mobile Number >*< Amount >#. Here, Mobile number is the receiver number and amount is the balance to be transferred. 
  • Limitations –Processing fee is Rs.2 for every transaction . You can transferred amout of Rs.5 to Rs.50 . The transaction between the same number can occur only once in a day.
Hope that helps, do let us know if you are facing any difficulty in your comments.


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