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How to Install Back Track On Android Mobile

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How to Install Back Track On Android Mobile

How to Install BackTrack on Android Mobile and Tablet:

BackTrack Linux is a fine example of a specialized Linux distribution. Its only purpose is to test your network, devices, and systems for security vulnerabilities. BackTrack is packedwith every security and hacker tool used by security professionals and professional hackers. If you're looking for all of the tools in one place, this is it. 

BackTrack is one of my favorite OS. First reason is it is made by world class hackers and second one is all hacking tools are available and last and third one, it is flavor of Linux. I can use it only on PC, Android is booming now these days... Now you can Install Back Track Linux OS on Android smartphones and tablets. Now it is possible to install and run Backtrack on your Android devices.


(1) Root
(2) 1GHZ processor (recommended)
(3) 512MB Ram (recommended)
(4) Android 1.6 or higher
(5) Back Track 5 (Download Backtrack 5)
Kernel will loop device support (this is included in most custom ROM’s)
(6) SD card with at least 3.5GB of free space
(7) Data connection on your device

Following Android Apps:

1.BUSY BOX (Busy Box Download.) : It acts like a installer and needs root permission to has CPU cores and can run Linux kernels on android. click here

2. Superuser (Superuser Download.) : This app just grants a superuser power to your phone just like "su " does for Linux. click here

3. Terminal Emulator (Terminal Emulator Download..) : Terminal Emulator is app that runs a terminal console in android. click here

4. Android VNC (Android VNC Download) : Android VNC is a tool for viewing VNC in Android.

How to Install Backtrack on Android Tablet or Phone?

Download the complete set of files you need from here: 

to your phones internal SDcard in a directory called “BT5″ (cAsE sEnSiTiVe)
Launch "Terminal Emulator" from your phone and type (everything after the $: or #: is user input):
$: su
#: cd sdcard
#: cd BT5
#: sh bootbt
#: export USER=root
#: vncpasswd
(make up a password"ex: toortoor")
#: tightvncserver -geometry 1280x720

While Backtrack is loaded (when you see a red “root@localhost“) start the VNC server by typing:root@localhost:~#: startvnc (stopvnc kills it)
Open 'AndroidVNC' and fill the form like this:
Nickname : BT5
Password : toortoor
Address :
Port : 5901

Connect it and you will see Backtrack 5 interface.

Remember: Some of the Backtrack tools can’t work properly and do it for your own risk. I hope you can Install Backtrack on Android tablet without any problems, tell me if you get problems.If you have anyproblem Comment Below


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