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Get Refund For Any Paid App or Game In Android From Play Store

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Get Refund For Any Paid App or Game In Android From Play Store

Android is and open source Operating System and has countless apps which keeps on increasing with each passing day. The reason behind this is that Android is an OS where any application developer is free to develop their own apps and put it in Play Store to share with other Android users. Many developers take advantage of this policy and create fake apps with attractive names and fool millions of people all around the world. In order to get information about such apps and give value to customers of google play store Google Money Back Policy is offered.
Unlike Apple's policy , Google focus on a valuable relationship with their customers and always give them worth for money. Apple doesn't offer any money back policy , if you purchase any paid app from i-store you can not get your money back regardless of whether you like that app or not. But google offers you a chance to get your money back for certain reasons like : If you have downloaded some app accidentally or if app is fake , App is not working properly , App doesn't meet functions that it promises etc.
To get your money back , all you have to contact google within 15 minutes after downloading that app. Although there are some debates going on that 15 minutes is a short period and it should be extended to some extent but there is no clue that google has considered any request about increasing time for refund.

Steps To Get Refund Within 15 Minutes Of Download

  • After you successfully download and install the game or app that you have purchased , take a quick test of that app and try to use as much different features as you can in order to ensure its working and performance.
  • Make sure you don't take long time in your test ( It should be completed within 5-10 minutes )
  • Now if you don't feel satisfied with features or performance of app , quickly go back to Google Play Store.
  • Navigate to the App's page once again.
  • If 15 minutes haven't passed since installation of app , you will find two buttons Open and Refund where there was a single Purchase button while you purchased the app. But unfortunately if more than 15 minutes have passed there will be only one button of Uninstall.
  • Click on Refund button. A pop up will appear asking if you are sure you want to get your money back ? ClickYes.
  • The app will be uninstalled from your device and money will be credited back to your bank account. You may check the balance after few time to confirm the refund amount.
So now you know how to take refund for not so cool android apps. But keep in mind that you will be able to get refund for any app from Google Play Store only once. Your request for getting refund for same app will not be considered by Google if you install the same app more than once even within 15 minutes.
Another way of getting refund for some app is by contacting the developer of app , however it is not so sure method because the decision is entirely depend on developer whether he want to refund or not. You can simply contact them and give a valid reason for uninstalling the app and convince them about why you want refund. If you successfully convince them , probably you will get your money back.


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