Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Do I need to be Programmer for Hacking?

You might be asking yourself, do I even need to learn a programming language? The answer to that is both yes and no. It all depends on what your goals are. Nowadays, with all the point and click programs out there, you can be a fairly good ethical hacker without knowing any programming. You can do some effective hacking if you understand all of the security tools very well. Even if you understand what’s going on in the background of these programs, most people will still classify you as a script kiddie. Personally I think you should learn some programming. Even if it’s the very basics, it’ll give you a much better understanding of what’s going on. Also, once you learn how to program well, you’ll be able to develop your own exploits, which is great in many ways:

1. You’ll be considered an elite hacker.

2. Imagine a black hat discovers a vulnerability and codes an exploit for it that no one else knows about. The black hat would be able to take down thousands of machines before anyone discovers and patches the vulnerability.

3. You will feel so much more satisfied having created your own program or exploit. I promise you this.
So my advice is, don’t settle for being a point and click hacker. Take some time to understand even just the basics of programming and an entire new world of hacking will open up to you.


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